Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for You

You know the old joke --- "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards. Maybe that's why, during the holidays, there are so many plates of goodies around; we need the fudge and cookies to keep our stress levels manageable. Because, as everyone knows, the holidays are full of stress. And doesn't all the stress come down to one simple thing? We want to find the perfect gifts for the important people in our lives. We're searching for the way to make a pair of slippers say "I love you" or a candle to communicate how much we value a relationship. Really, though, there is an easier route than frantically rushing through crowded malls. Find your old slippers, make a cup of hot chocolate, and curl up with Amy Sorensen's class.

All joking aside, enjoy your desserts, ward off the stress, have a wonderful, Happy day with your families. I hope you find the perfect picture opportunities to remember these special memories. Don't forget, most importantly to share with those special people in your life what you are thankful for!!! I'm very thankful for my healthy family, the closeness of my friends, the family spirit of my team at MM and for the wonderful friendship of my community of friends at MM.

Have a blessed day,

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