Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Awesome!!!! Great Disney Layouts

I'm sure the phones will be ringing like crazy once you see this post to sign up for "HAPPILY EVER AFTER CLASS!!!! I just love Becky's unique vision when it comes to Disney (actually when it comes to anything-she's just a SUPER COOL chic). If you've ever been in a class with Becky, you know that the layouts are lagniappe, her personality & teaching rates 1st with me, and these layouts there are definitely added bonus!!!!

Check out the "What a Gem" Layout!! I just love Disney, but I'm fighting a more immediate urge to steal Dopey, put him on another page, and snatch this layout for Justin's Mardi Gras Ball pics (he he, i think Becky would KILL me, but its so darn cute)!!!! The sneak peek of the mice is equally as precious - "You Make me feel Like Dancing". Both layouts are very cute & very unique for some Disney Layouts, it gets so hard coming up with titles for Disney, so that's what makes me love these layouts even more.

So, call today, I know you probably have us on speed dial (ha ha), but here's the number 744-CROP, oops and be patient if you have to HOLD because everyone else is calling in too to sign up for this incredible class with Becky!!! Class is Saturday, March 7th 10am-noon $20, 2 left sides are created in class & the other sides of the layouts are in a kit for purchase.

Gotta love that Minnie Mouse!!!



Becky said...

As much as I love my Justin, don't you dare steal that Dopey, Cinderella!

Memory Maniac said...

OOps, you weren't supposed to see that. he he