Friday, February 27, 2009

Marah Johnson ROCKS these Louisiana Girls

WOW!!!! I'm exhausted-What a fabulous week i had this week, cleaning and cooking, hehe, not really!! What a FABULOUS week i had anticipating the arrival of MARAH JOHNSON at my real home and 2nd home, Memory Mania!! Marah is such an awesome, beautiful person. She is super inspiring!!!!! We had a really fun night Wednesday night, she was able to meet the design team and then the MM TEAM gave her a huge Louisiana welcome!!!! I cooked a pretty HOT (its the only way i know how to cook) Seafood Gumbo, Terri made some brownies "to die for" and if you were trying to be healthy, veggies, Jill sent her famous SALSA with Jade, Rachel brought a kingcake, Nicole brought Zaps Chips . . . Terri & Christy presented Marah with a basket of Louisiana favorites that she can't wait to share with Kennedy (her 8 year old that cooks gourmet meals for fun). I hated that she missed Mardi Gras so I gave her a MM bag filled with of course, MM MASTERPIECES, fleur de lis earrings, some Mardi Gras Beads, and a Mardi Gras tshirt. Visits from all of the Murphy boys (John, Dane, then Justin). We really wanted to have a crawfish boil to inspire her to design some Mardi Gras papers/Stickers (**hint**hint**), but the crawfish were too little right now so it wouldn't have been THAT impressive. he he

Marah then WOW'd us to the wee hours of the morning with some tips & tricks using Glimmer Mist, glitters, alcohol inks with all of our favorite products from Creative Imaginations that we already have and some that are coming soon!!!!

Marah was super gracious and such a pleasure (she thanked Justin about 100 times for giving up his bed)!!! I can't wait until July or August when she returns for workshops FILLED with more fun & games. Share your comments about the day with us, what did you learn? what did you love most? What can you NOT wait for in July/August? I know my favorite thing about the visit was getting to know Marah after millions of emails, chatting & brainstorming!!

Sharing those ink/mists tips with the MM Team

WOW-some of her most recent designs!!

What, you can do that with Dot n Roll?

Can't wait to to this again! Her peeps LOVING the inks

Misting flocked paper Thanks Jill Carney for transportion services!

Laurie, Sandy & Vera loving that Good Food, Good Friends project!

Leaving autographs for all the MM fans that missed her visit!

Tune in for details of her next visit!!!
Thanks again for a wonderful & fun day in Louisiana!!!!!!


Darlene said...

Yes, Marah ROCKS!!! She is such a fun & exciting person!!! The class projects were AWESOME!!! And I loved the techniques and tips she taught us!!! Can't wait until she comes back again later in the year!

Refresh My Memory said...

Can't believe I missed Marah AND seafood gumbo! Glad ya'll had a good time.

shondell said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast with Marah. She EXUDES passion for this craft. I wish I had just one ounce of the energy she has. I did not know she was coming back this year but let me say it now...... SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE the crown mini album she made for me and I forgot to get her to autograph it. Now no one will ever believe me. The funny thing is that when i got home that day to watch my weekly DVR tapings Marah was a guest on DIY scrapbooking and she made the cutest mini album out of a book of matches. She is really talented. Thanks Tammy for being persistent and hanging in on that wait list.