Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey Scrappers,
Don't MISS OUT, after 1 day, the class is 1/2 full.
Karen Russell Photography Class
Saturday November 7th 9am-7pm (1 hour break for lunch)

If you're not sure who Karen Russell is, she has designed some awesome scrapbook papers that you already have (click on the narratives button on her sight to see) AND she is an awesome photographer. Check out her blog:

Karen is FULL of information for taking "the moments" photos. She will give everyone a CD of photos shown in class to take home after class to compare notes from class.

If you have any questions, please email me

Happy Scrappin'

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MsBdot said...

Tammy, as we have discussed, I am so excited about taking this class with Karen. I have just finished her 9 week online class, that is simply unbelievable in terms of the information. She is a wonderful instructor, with patient answers to every question about your DSLR or your photos. If you have a DSLR, she will teach you what all those buttons do, and how to get much improved photos. If you don't have one, and are thinking about buying one, then borrow or rent one for the class. I can't wait to have the face to face experience. There is quite a waitlist for the online class, so being able to get a bit of her in person is a very special event. I know from the online class that this one day course will be worth every penny. Thanks, Tammy, so much for giving us this opportunity.