Friday, June 20, 2008


Good Morning. WOW, nothing makes you quite so happy as looking forward to a week on the beach. Relax, read a book, chat with your best friends, watching your kids on the beach . . . can't wait. So all of you 6 in 60 students, you know what that means, more BEACH layouts. I know everyone can't go to the beach this weekend, so I came across these little HAPPY reminders & thought it was worth sharing so you could also have a HAPPY week.

Some Little Reminders To Help You Live A Happier Life
"Show up … Follow your heart … stay inspired … do things you’re good at … get a new perspective … have a sense of wonder … find people you love … set goals … finish what you started … help others … dance … pamper yourself … face your fears … exercise … listen to music … lighten up … have a moral compass … get a good night’s sleep … read books … live in the moment … every night reflect about the ‘good’ things about your day … be open to new ideas … believe in yourself … be kind … let people know how special they are … be honest with yourself focus on CREATING what you desire … make time just to have fun … say thank you to the people who teach you, support you, encourage you – give away what you don’t need to someone who does … value who you are right now … to be part of a community … keep the romance in your life … do your best . . . keep learning … want what you have … believe in something bigger than yourself … stay close to friends and family … be true to yourself."

Speaking of happy-how happy do you think this made me??? Shondell Lawrence sent this email: "What would I do without Memory Mania? I don't know. I 'd still be lost in the world of scrapbooking. Just wanted to send a special thanks to you guys for providing such valuable and accommodating services. This week I was so busy I didn't have time to do anything if my own. I did 4 of the kits that I purchased last week. LIFESAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS to y'all.

And speaking of KITS, here are the new ones out this week: Bathtime, Pure Boy, Pure Joy, U R Spectacular, Top 10 Defining Moments, Star Wars, Fun in the Sun, CCL Acrylic Album;

Other NEW Stuff: Ranger Philosophy Tags, Muse Tokens, Sprocket Gears, Word Keys, and Design Ruler and we also got in the Unmounted stamp Refill Pockets , TONS of Jolees
Happy Scrappin' Tammy


shondell said...

OMG! that paragraph with the "little things to remember" is worthy of a frame.

Darlene said...

I agree!!! Love those sayings!!! And they are so true!!!