Tuesday, June 10, 2008


OK, today's the day my baby turns 20!!!!! Oh my, how fast the time does go. I know all of you using coupons each year can't wait until he's 40, but for the mom, i wish i could have frozen the age at 6 (the cutest age ever). How do you celebrate a 20 year old birthday??? Justin served Dane breakfast (a real treat), Nanny took him to lunch and Dad & I will serve up the finale -his favorite is ribs from T.J. Ribs. Not quite as much fun as the days when we planned his birthday for a month, creating invitations & decorations & props for his Farm, Ninja Turtles, Big Bird, panting dinosaur paws for the Dinosaur party & planning games for the Olympics party; oh those were the days and we didn't even know it. Oops, sorry I'm getting really sappy now. Don't forget to enjoy your savings WITH YOUR COUPON today only in honor of my Dane-O turning 20!!!!

Oh and if you're impressed that I've found all of these OLD photos to show Dane of past birthdays, its that awesome book PHOTO FREEDOM & Stacy Julian-just love being able to put my fingers on a photo in a matter of minutes. There's one book left at the store, even without the coupon its worth its weight in GOLD.

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Darlene said...

I got busy with the girls today & forgot about the coupon! :( I hate to miss a good sale!!!