Sunday, June 15, 2008


I would like to wish CHRISTY a wonderful, relaxing birthday today!!! Boy, will she need it, after 3 dance recitals this weekend, she is wiped out. But "her babies" did great so she was very proud but very much looking forward to a lounging around Sunday!!!!! CHRISTY ROCKS!!! with her awesome layouts, bubbly smile & conversation, and she's always looking out for the NEW stuff that we can get in for all of you MM.
She also has many adoring fans -check out her last fans singing her "Happy Birthday" at summer camp. Recently i received this email from another of her loyal fans: "I'm so excited about the kit but then again I am excited about them all. Christy ALWAYS does a great job on the kits. I someday aspire to be as creative as she. Our MM family is lucky to have her but do you know what I am excited about? She is the only one I have had the privilege to be instructed by and I hear raves about the other instructors too. I can't wait until CCL and MMU to meet them all. " THanks Shondell for the wonderful praise. I agree, she is awesome!!! Enjoy your day & that massage next week!!!!

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shondell said...

Happy Birthday Christy!!!!!!!!!!!