Wednesday, July 16, 2008


WOW-CCL was awesome!!!! We had the most awesome group of ladies this time. I truly believe it was the best CCL ever. The sharing, generosity & comraderie among the ladies was heartwarming. KUDOS to all campers, what a wonderful group of ladies to spend the weekend with. Lots of friendships formed, catching up with old friends, LOTS OF LAUGHING and knock knock jokes!!!! WOW-i could write a book, it was GREAT!!!!! Thanks again to my wonderful MM Team that really outdid themselves, awesome setup, manning the store, checking in & helping the entire weekend run so smoothly!!!! YEAH MM TEam!!!

OK, the reason for my post this morning was, several people came up to me during CCL and said they only wished that someone had told them about the MM Masterpieces book years ago. They shared how many more layouts they are able to create in shorter amounts of time. Several still told me they have had the book for one year and still use it every time they crop. WOW-those comments go straight to my heart because that is exactly what my goal was in creating the book. I wanted you to have a TOOL, not just a book-something that would continually inspire you & help you share your memories in a short amount of time so you could go off & create more memories!!!!!! SO, here's what we'd like for you to do, share your Masterpiece book with your friends & neighbors AND when they come to Memory Mania to purchase the Masterpiece book, give us your name & for each book you have recommended, you will receive a $5 store credit-WOW, how easily could you get to $50, just sharing some good news!!!!! So join us in spreading the word about this awesome tool AND you get something back too!!!!! Don't forget to tell your friend you get a credit for their purchase so that they remember to let us know!!!!!!! Also, i'd love for you to share your comments in this post too, what do you like most about the Masterspieces book? Have a wonderful week-I'm off to my crop date with my favorite buddies today!!!!!

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