Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Memory Mania CARD Class

Hey Scrappers,

Are you ready for a really fun CLASS!!!! Look at this awesome Card Organizer Box with dividers for months (to list your family & friends birthday reminders each month), themes, and an assortment of 9 handmade cards & walk away with a little card sketch book to make creating cards faster than you can run to the store AND it means a whole lot more!!!!!! This class will certainly teach you everything you need to know to be known as the "AWESOME CARD MAKER" and no one has to know that it didn't take you 10 minutes to create it. Its OUR LITTLE SECRET.

Call today 744-crop to sign up for Darlene's CLASS, It's All in the Cards,
Tuesday, April 21st 6pm-8pm
Cost is $20 plus a required supply fee. SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!
REGISTRATION CLOSES April 10th so that all supplies can be ordered.

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