Thursday, March 19, 2009

CCL COMMENT WINNER & Jade's Class, All About ME

WOW-thank you so much for the wonderful, funny & sweet comments!!!!!!!! Ok, now i remember why I do this!!!!!! Thank you!!!! And the winner is . . . Heather Banker!!!!!!

Heather wins a spot in Jade's class "All About ME" , Tuesday, March 31 6-8pm. Displayed is one of the layouts Jade will be teaching, there are a few spots left, but call today, since she displayed the layout yesterday, she's already had a few add-ons!! 225-744-2767.

Congratulations Heather, you are our lucky winner!!!

P.S. For all of you that gave up chocolate for lent-the new CHOCOLATE paper was a big HIT today!!!!! I got mine, did you?

Happy Scrappin'


Heather Banker said...

Yeah!!! I am sooo excited!! I can't wait to take Jade's class. The layout is so cute! Jade, do you tell jokes while your teaching too? LOL!!

Darlene said...

CONGRATS!!!! I LOVE Jade's layout!!!!

Heather, you get a bonus---knock knock jokes!!!

Vanessa said...

Congrats to Heather. I am excited about taking Jade's class. I love her layout. Looking forward to your jokes, Jade, so have them ready!! LOL