Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On the new Wall

On the new wall

And these below are just looking for a home (paper rack):

WOWWOWOWOW!!! We pulled (our little personal shoppers) for the CHA preorders yesterday and WOW, i seriously could not go to sleep last night, after touching & feeling all of those wonderful papers, flowers, edges, glitter paper, die cut paper, embossed paper, shabby chic paper, graphic paper, and on and one AND serious problem, WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT OVER 300 NEW PAPERS??????????????? So we won't be able to share them until we can find them a home (looking for paper racks). Ha ha, we've added so many new papers in the fall that we've used all of the racks we usually save to debut CHA papers. But we're trying to be creative.

Seriously, there are sooooo many of these that you will WANT/NEED/HAVE TO HAVE and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BREATHE WITHOUT!!!! Check the new wall frequently for the newest papers that FIND A HOME.

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