Friday, March 13, 2009


WOW, my email box sounds like a slot machine with the online registrations from CCL beeping every couple of minutes. Hurry up-don't delay, CCL is sailing aweigh, don't be left behind!!!!

Share your happy & fun CCL times here to be entered for the drawing.

CONGRATULATIONS ALLISON SHEFFIELD DAVIS, winner of the survey drawing $50 shopping spree.


Darlene said...

Woo hoo Allison!!! Congratulations!!!

Heather Banker said...

Time is getting closer everyday to "set-sail!!" I hope Jade makes it to CCL this time. I missed her jokes last time!!
Congrats Allison!!

Pam B said...

CCL Memories: My scrapbooking buddy searching under the table (many times) for something she lost!

Heather Banker said...

My top 6 CCL memories:
1. Laughing so hard that I cried!
2. Jade's jokes.
3. Stephanie E.'s dancing.
4. Tina's late night entertainment - helped me stay up extra late scrappin'!
5. Laughing at how much stuff we brought to CCL!
6. Being in the elevator at 2 am wondering why it wasn't moving - oh! we forgot to press the button!!

Darlene said...

Funny thing is that we've done # 6 more than once!!!! And we still laugh about it!!! :)

Heather Banker said...

Yeah Darlene! I'm still laughing about it!! And the funny thing is that we will probably do it again - since we are so delerious after scrapin' all day and night! One more thing to love about CCL!!

Darlene said...

Heather, remember our very first CCL & all the stuff we brought???VERY UNORGANIZED!!! I don't think I ever scrapbooked that picture. I know we filled that luggage cart at least twice, plus we carried stuff!!

I love the fact that I am more organized each time I go!!

Vanessa said...

Pam: It wouldn't be the same if I didn't loose things under the table!
Hey Pam, what about table space! It seems mine got awfully small last CCL. and You know how much space I need. LOL

Pam B said...

Oh yes, table space. Does your table space shrink or widen throughout the weekend?

Heather - LOL on #6. I did the same thing in the elevator ALONE. Then when I realized that I had not yet hit the button, I quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed - oh yeah, I was ALONE! Well, for that particular incident I could blame it on sleep deprivation, I just need a valid excuse for all the other times...


DINA said...

Ladies, Ladies....I have been to that hotel many, many times and I know for sure that it is a malfuntion of the elevator button...thats my story and I am sticking to it!!!