Friday, April 10, 2009

Cinderella Project

OK, STOP LAUGHING, this is for a good cause!!!!! Memory Mania is helping the Ascension Cinderella Project this year. We have donated some mini albums & scrapbook papers & we're calling on our awesome customers to donate a disposable camera that we can give the girls to take photos for their SPECIAL night.

Do you remember your prom???? I couldn't really recall much until I pulled out this photo & it all came rushing back to me, like it was yesterday . . . Of course, I went with John-didn't know he'd be my husband one day. It was 1982 & the theme was "A Flight Through Time" ; we ate at Peking Gardens with a group of 20, we laughed & laughed, we had sooooo much fun!!!! Stood in line to take photos at the dance (Cindy, you'll remember this, photos were taken at the dance by Wintz Photography); We had so much fun, we had a live band and danced until we had blisters on our feet; The teachers (Mr. Braud & Mrs. Holdridge) had to throw us out, we didn't want to leave or for the night to end. I'm real tempted to post Allison & Jill's prom pics from that night too, he he. They look exactly the same. Ok, enough strolling down memory lane . . . Post here, what do you remember about your prom?

Anyway most people only have 2 opportunities in their lifetime to attend prom and I can't stand the thought of any girl having to miss her prom!!!!! So please, help us out, donate a disposable camera & make 1 girl's dreams come true!!!!!

Please bring disposable cameras to Memory Mania by April 24th !!!!! Also, you can donate dresses at the locations below:

The Cinderella Project of Ascension is a non-profit organization that promotes self-confidence providing free formalwear to high school students for their special event, that otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so.

As you clear out your closets, think of the Cinderella Project and the memories that are wrapped up in

that beautiful gown. You can have a hand in allowing a girl feel like Cinderella the night of her prom!

Current Events

May 2 10-4pm

Our 1st Dress-Drive!

Household of Faith & Wal-Mart/Prairieville

May 30 10-4

Fundraiser – Several travel mugs, sippies & ID tags personalized, just for you!



Christy at My Life Captured said...

Blahhhhahhhhahaahhahahahahah.... No really ya'll look pretty spiffy for back in the day!

Alley Cat said...

What do I remember?? Not much!! I've never had a memory for details...EVER!! The ONLY things I remember are those things that are in the photos I've held onto. Like the fact that all my friends wore RED to our Sr. prom - did we plan that? I don't recall, but I don't think so. My point is, if all these girls will remember is what they have photos of, we'd better get them some cameras!!! What a great idea Tammy!I'll bring a couple Tuesday when I'm there:) Happy Easter, everyone!

Vanessa said...

To long ago. I remember very little. I think we went bowling after proms. My Junior prom was "Age of Aquirius (1971) and my senior prom was "New Orleans theme." We had really elaborate decorations. My junior prom pic had us sitting on a moon with stars in the background (taken at school). The only pics we had was the one we took at school and some mom took of us at home. I think it will be awesome for the girls to have a camara. I will try to bring on by this week too.