Friday, April 24, 2009

What's New & MORE Inspiration

DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE TODAY-it will make YOU feel wonderful!!! Don't forget we are desperate for MORE disposable cameras-please help us make the CINDERELLA girls dreams come true!!!!!

WOW-can't think of a better way to showcase your little cuties-check out this huge frame-we have them in black-LOVE EM!!!!

Its that time of year for dance recitals: KUDOS to LORI FOLSE for her
All About Me page of her dancing photos (just a few years back huh Lori); You can find the MOXXIE Dance Products in our front endcap!!! Gotta check out this layout in person-she made a little booklet too.

I'm sure we all have some photos of OUR Little Monsters-cutest paper for those everyday moments!!!!

Happy Scrappin'


Alley Cat said...
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Alley Cat said...

My BFF did something nice for ME today...I went by her house after work and she had a REESE's waiting for me!!!! What could be better than company and chocolate??? Thanks, BFF!!