Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Scrapbooks Magazine Last Issue

WOW-What a sad day. I had heard a rumor that Simple Scrapbooks was shutting down and I just didn't want it to be true-you know how much i LOVE Stacy Julian and the Photo Freedom Philosphy!!!!!! So, I prepared myself: I put on some short, tshirt, grabbed my sunglasses & went by the pool . . . And low & behold on the page 4 it read "The Rumors are True you are indeed holding in your hands the final issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine . . ." I just hate it, so i cherished every single page of this last issue. It seems that with all of the facination of on-line shopping & ideas, its affecting a lot of niche' magazines (they are not the first to go out of business), and many, many local scrapbook stores.

They ask that WE SUPPORT SCRAPBOOKING!!! Its kinda awkward for me to type a few things below that they asked that we pass along to the scrapbook community: (but is for the livelihood of this awesome hobby that I cannot live without so i must do it-i truly believe in it just as much or more than the day i opened the doors of Memory Mania) Here are a couple ways that you can support this hobby that we love.

1) Subscribe to or purchase CK at your local scrapbook store (Simple Scrapbook articles will survive in its sister magazine, CK).
2) Support your Local Scrapbook Store today!!!! Go spend $20 at your LSS today in honor of Simple Scrapbooks. Independent stores are the HEART & SOUL of the craft industry, and we must all do our part to keep them in business. (obviously this was the awkward part)
3) Be a scrapbook ambassador! Spread the good news of scrapbooking to one or more friends this week.

So yes, support your local scrapbook stores, can you believe that in Louisiana alone, we have seen 10 scrapbook stores shut down over the last 7 years=yikes!!!! Don't worry, Memory Mania is alive & well as long as everyone continues their support. I don't know about you, but i certainly don't want to be ordering solid paper online to match my pattern paper. And for so many people, its a social place to be also. Local scrapbook stores are frequently an escape place for MANY MANY people.

ECOUPON (must print & bring in coupon)

Valid through April 18 (or while supplies last)

$10 off the Scrap Table
not valid with any other discounts

For Office Use: Redemption Code "COUPON"

Expires 4/18 (must have coupon)



Angele said...

So sorry about Simple Scrapbooks. I really have enjoyed that magazine. Thanks for the great reminders about supporting the industry.

Refresh My Memory said...

So sad about the last Simple issue and for all of the people who lost their jobs because of it. I am encouraged that CK will continue to uphold the Simple philosophy to a degree in their magazine; I think it will only make CK a better magazine. I will be calling Christy today and have her set aside the last issue and some other goodies for me. Even 700 miles away, I can still support my local scrapbook store!

Darlene said...

I didn't realize that. I think it's been a couple of months since I've received a magazine in the mail. No wonder I didn't get a renewal notice!!!

But on a positive note...thank you Tammy and your staff for everything you do at your store!! You keep us motivated to scrap!!! You're more than just a store!! You're our extended family!! Or at least it feels that way!! We feel like we all know each other just by looking at each other's scrapbook pages!! What would we ever do without Memory Mania??? Hopefully we will NEVER have to find out!!!


Adavis said...

I will always support Memory Mania!