Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok ladies, its springtime-TIME FOR SOME SPRING CLEANING!!!! Purge your stash & give your extras to schools or churches. They are always looking for items to scrapbook with the young ones. And you won't believe how much you will want to scrapbook when you see & remember what you have to scrapbook. I just recently did this (it had been 1 year since I purged) and wow, i'm so motivated & ready to scrap. I went through every piece of paper & sorted by theme & color; So no excuses now, the papers i have are fresh in my mind to scrap with!!!!! I also gave alot of tools/embellishments/stamps that i know i won't use to local schools & they have already used alot of the stuff-ITS SO COOL!!!! My room is clean & organized and it was also for a good cause!!!!

And if you don't quite have a scrap room yet, you only need room enough for a table-see this cool table . . .

With table-top compartments sized to specifically hold your scrapbooking tools and materials this table is easy to set-up, move or take down. This heavy-duty table is sturdy enough to handle all kinds of craft projects and features a spacious work area of 26"x56". You can close the tops of the table with your layout & scrap things inside, lock it up, fold up legs & its on wheels to roll to the closet. VERY COOL-wish they had this before I had my scrap room.

Post & let me know how you organize & cleaned your Scrap Space.

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Heather Banker said...

WOW!! Your space looks awesome!!