Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look WHO was spotted at Memory Mania

Have you noticed the "smell" of Memory Mania??? Its so funny but its the one thing that many of our scrapbook family miss most when they move away. Its the first thing they say when they walk through the doors of MM, "Just love that smell". With all of the wonderful smells of Louisiana food and cooking, I'm honored that its the smell of MM they miss most.

Look who we saw perusing the aisles at Memory Mania last week? All the way from North Carolina & Mississippi, Jody & Becky were spotted in their "LOCAL" scrapbook store & what a treat it was!!!!!

check out Jody's newest purchase!!! It was perfect to bring all of her goodies back on the plane. She's going to send us a pic with her own scrappin' goodies & laptop in it soon. Right Jody?

This was Jody's first visit since expo, so there was lots of things that caught her eye!! She was lovin' those Banana Frog stamps & he new punches, but her favorite was that Zebra scrapbook tote!!!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful surprise & supporting your "local scrapbook store".

Then we had to head over to Rocco's to get some authentic LOUISIANA food and it was delicious!!! But not half as good as the conversation & catching up with these 2 awesome girls!!!! Just made my WEEK!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

It doesn't get any better than that!! And what a way for the 2 BFF's to catch up....in their favorite scrapbook store!!!!