Thursday, May 07, 2009

MORE Hints for Mother's Day

I just can't get enough of this bag!!!! Obviously Jade couldn't either, I asked her to send me a pic of the inside to load on blog & she emailed me 10 pics.

Have you called MM yet??

Ok, now, are you the proud owner of this awesome bag?

I am!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to me!!! Can't wait to show you a pic with all my scrappin' stuff in it!!!

Hint #2: Is a membership to Masters kit club on your wish list? Check out what Jody did with her Masters Kit this month

U & Me created by Jody Sorey !! WOW I just love how Jody used the scraps from the die cut on the letters!!!!

6 Flags created by Jody Sorey!! WOW just LOVE the versatility of these letters. She weaved & stamped on these letters & yes the stamp came in the kit!! Is that the scraps of the letters on your focal photo-way cool!!! KUDOS Jody-very creative!!!!!!!

I think there are 2 masters kits left this month. Hurry in.

Have an awesome Mother's Day weekend. We have big plans on Saturday & Sunday for Mother's Day celebrations so it may be quiet on the blog end. Can't wait until church on Sunday-they always read "LOVE YOU FOREVER" my favorite book while kids were growing up-fact, i read it so much that before they could read, they read "memorized" it back to me--happy tears-such wonderful memories!!! It's a tear jerker, but very sweet.

Happy Scrappin'

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Heather Banker said...

Love, Love, Love these layouts. Great job Jody!