Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Scrappers

Welcome to our newest members of the MM Scrapbook Family!!! If you recognize any of these scrappers, give them a warm welcome & some awesome scrappin' tips & tricks. Schedule a crop together. Its always more fun to enjoy this wonderful hobby with friends.

WOW, 65 NEW friends this month. Isn't it awesome to see more & more new scrappers each & every month discover & enjoy this wonderful, fulfilling hobby??

WELCOME to you, our new friends, if your name is listed below, this is YOUR SPECIAL ECOUPON!!!! Please print this post & bring into the store for a $5 discount off your next $30 purchase (printout is required); Invite your to enjoy the same savings when you shop together EXPIRES 6/10/09 - May only be used one time !! NOTE: Please shop together with the new friend & print this blog entry as your coupon to share the discount.

Lori Alleman
Lesia Babin
Dianne Barksdale
Nelda Becnel
Amy Borne
Martha Braud
Darla Bruno
Kelly Bruno
Nelda Bucceri
Jamie Burrow
Ruth Cohen
Patricia Corkern
Megan Crawford
Denyse Englert
Wesly Fadler
Kelly Faulk
Susan Flieg
Penny Font
Jennifer Geiger
Candy Gerace
Teresa Gibson
Kami Griffin
Melissa Grill
Judy Grounds
Robin Hebert
Kim Huggins
LeAnne Johnson
LaShawn Jolivette
Britnee Jones
Melanie Juneau
Tracey Kimball
Michelle Kirkpatrick
Marilyn Lagrone
Patricia Landry
Jolie Leonard
Kitty Littlejohn
Tiffany Mannino
Debbie McCulla
Madelyn McKnight
Stephanie Myers
Leanne Nelson
Janna Newman
Olivia Ortego
Amanda Ourso
Kay Picou
Pamela Porterfield
Ellen Pulizzano
Casey Roberts
kc Ross
Katelyn Sanchez
Stephanie Scott
Jennifer Sing
Shannon Sokol
Missy Temple
Gay Thackrey
Stephanie Thomas
Megan Tircuit
Nicole Vermaelen
Kate Wall
David Walling
Emily Watts
Kelly Werren
Christina Whiteside
Cheryl Whitting
Stephanie Woodward

Happy Scrappin'

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