Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, so we stole some of the slatwall from the old store. I know, it looks empty, but believe it or not, the only thing missing is the slatwall that wasn't even being used along the tops of each side of the store.

We have pulled some things for the big garage sale this Saturday-don't miss it!!!! But for the most part, everything else you've always seen is still there, it just looks really bare without these black slatwalls above the inventory on the outside walls.

We will be moving June 29th, the day of the newsletter coupon so we are honoring the coupon June 22. Please pass the word to all of your friends!!!! I'm sorry for any inconvenience BUT i promise it will be worth it.

Happy Scrappin'


Tiffany said...

Such a tease, can't wait to see the new store!!

Darlene said...

This is so exciting!!!!!

Darlene said...

I stopped by the old store today, and I resisted my urge to peek through the door of the new one!!!! It was tempting, but with two kids in tow, I didn't! Can't wait to see it in full splendor---fully stocked!!!