Friday, June 12, 2009


Bday Lu created by Pam Boudreaux

Family Best Friends created by Heather Banker

Final Thanksgiving created by Jody Sorey

WOW-check out these awesome layouts!!!! Get a closer look at these layouts at Memory Mania!!!

PLEASE PARDON OUR PROGRESS at the old store-we're moving slats, etc. PLEASE PLEASE come buy all of this paper & embellishments so we don't have to move it AND we can buy new stuff. Oh well, I thought it was worth a try. I'd much rather see UPS hauling boxes of new stuff rather than us walking tons of boxes over. ha ha

Update on the NEW MEMORY MANIA, Thanks to JOHN, Christy, Jori, Blake, Justin, Shelby & Richie almost all of the painting is done. The studs in the wall are giving my guys (John, Dane & Justin) fits, can i tell you, lots of words flying about the room as the drill makes a funny noise, he he.

Stevie and Brooke have been working on a few projects of their own-I can't wait for you to see it!!! I took some pics, but i'm afraid they are too revealing to post this early. Meanwhile I've been drawing lots of squares on paper, crumpling and drawing again. Yikes-do we REALLY have this much stuff????? It seems the new store with loads more space is already full (on paper & in my mind's eye-anyway) !!!

Wish us luck, Allison & I will be pouring over the plans AGAIN tomorrow-hopefully we'll solve all of the MM world problems.

CONTEST: Name OUR classroom!!! Email me with your name ideas by June 19th. The winner will receive a $50 store credit-won't that come in handy real soon!!!!

Happy Scrappin'


Darlene said...

Can't wait to see the new store!!!!

Refresh My Memory said...

For the Final Thanksgiving layout, I used the negative of the I and N so I would have enough to make the title. For both title boxes I used my fantastic American Crafts black pen to draw the stitching. All papers were edged with black ink. The font is Papyrus. I used the back packaging of the pack of bingo cards to make the tag, and cut up the Heidi Swapp gems to make bingo "chips" for the cards. Thank you for looking!