Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few DURING pics

Special Thanks to these special people that helped with the BIG move!!!

This is kinda sad--the old MM with no people & no paper.

Carrying the paper over was no easy tasks-these guys were VERY tired. Do you know how HEAVY paper is?

Allison & Jill have said "No more ribbon can be ordered for the rest of the year!!

Do we REALLY need all of these stickers??

WOW, its been a 28 LONG 14 hour days BUT i think its well worth it!!!!!!! Tune in for pics from Monday, Day 1 of the new MM. Many customers have stopped in the old Memory Mania for the garage sale & begged us to bring the arch--we're looking to see where we can fit it now.

Its been GREAT fun seeing all of the HAPPY faces in the NEW MM.

Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

Wow!!!!!! The store is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't been in yet, you need to make a special trip over there!!!!! It's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!