Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So,,,, what color do you think the walls are in the new store? Who do you think was painting them today?

What if we made a WISH LIST. Now, keep in mind its a WISH list, SOOO we may not be able to use all of the suggestions keeping our budget/room/labor/majority of customers wishes in mind, but we'd love to hear what kinds of ideas you have for our new store and use the ones we can make work?

What would make the classroom cool?

What would make shopping easier?

How do you like things grouped-do you like the themes ?

What lines would you like to see remain as a company rather than arranged by color?

Would you like us to carry less choices--HA HA this is a JOKE to see if you were reading!!!

Here's the MIC or the mouse--he he!!!! Tell us how we can make Memory Mania BETTER.

Happy Scrappin'


Darlene said...

As for the classroom part goes....more space & arranged so the teacher only faces one direction...without her back to the students!!!

It takes a while to shop now...I can only imagine if there are MORE fabulous products to choose from!!!!! Oh, the possibilites...and the holes in the checkbook!! HA! HA!

Becky said...

Yes, arrange the classroom so that the teacher can face all students at the same time, but I do like the U shape. If I may make a request, I'd LOVE a large dry erase board hung on the wall at the "front" of the classroom with a strip of corkboard at the top. Also, I think we should NAME the classroom. Might we have a contest and whoever wins gets a free class?? Can't wait to teach in the new classroom!!! This is a second dream come true - MM was the first (and I'm not referring to that Mouse)! Thanks, Ms. Murphy!

Western Family said...

I can not wait to see the new store. How exciting! To move to a bigger store. That says so much about you and your staff expecially during a time when so many stores are closing. I just wish that I lived closer or that ya'll were open at 11pm when we pass through Prairieville.

I think having the papers grouped by theme is very nice but would keep the baby, wedding, summer, disney stuff all together.

Way to go Memory Mania on 10 wonderful years and many more to come.

Nelle said...

I will also have to say the teacher face all of the students at the same time. Plus, I like Becky's idea about the dry erase board and would like to add that some cute little magnets to hold thing on there would also be nice. I do have an extra dry erase board sitting in my storage room that I would be happy to donate along with little ball magnets if your game.

Refresh My Memory said...

I agree with the above teachers. All the classroom suggestions sound great!
For the shopping area, one thing I love about the current location is the wall of Bazzill cardstock. Unfortunately after baby # 3 my time to shop in the store has been compromised to say the least. I used to have plenty time to lovingly choose wonderful patterned paper, and then take even more time finding the cardstock to match. Now I only seem to have time for a quick sprint to the new wall and hope I have cardstock to match at home. So I would LOVE to see the cardstock organized as ROY G BIV in addition to having cardstock with patterned paper that it matches. This would save me lots of time in the store and I would probably ended up buying more paper if it is already coordinated for me. I hope this makes sense! Please post photos for all of the MM fans who live out of state!
I have a feeling you are painting a huge zebra print on the the wall- Can't Jade freehand something like that?

Heather Banker said...

OMG! I can barely contain myself! A new and bigger store?! I'm too excited to think of suggestions right now, but I'm sure I will love it! All of the previous suggestions sound great. I can hardly wait for the NEW MM to open!

Michelle said...

OMG! I am SOOOOOO excited for a newer and bigger store. Michelle Western said it best when she said that moving into a bigger location says LOADS about you as a businesswoman and your staff as the best accommodating and helpful group of people there is in this industry! I also agree with Jody about grouping coordinating cardstock with patterned paper. I had mulled that thought, too, but didn't suggest it because I never have enough confidence in my own ideas...(one of my many flaws, I guess). So, once again, thanks for the many countless hours you all put into making our addiction so enjoyable.....Michelle Mallett