Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you packed yet for CCL??? Wouldn't you just love to put your scrapbook tools in this awesome bag????? Its really great-I have one!!!!! We have 2 left if you need something to transport your goodies to ccl!!!

Are you OOPS'd yet? Don't forget to check our gallery for some great inspiration !!! http://dev1.boomersdomain.com/gallery_memorymaniac/ . Also we have emailed you a PDF of all of the masters kit layouts from January-June so you can print them & put in your masters kits to work on at CCL!!

LOGAN created by Pam Boudreaux

P.S. Have you been to the NEW Memory Mania yet?

Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

Can't wait for CCL....I'm oopsing right now!!!