Friday, July 31, 2009

Minnie Mouse & Tinker Bell visited MM Today

Yes, Minnie & Tinker Bell were in Memory Mania this morning!!! Actually it was the first visit since the store opened and it was hard to get their attention through the ooohs, and ahhhhs. But i did manage to get a sneak peek of the 2 layouts of the next Disney Class. Girls, I'm just tellin' ya now!!! You gotta sign up ASAP-once these layout pics get out-it will be standing room only. There is no where in the world you can get an embellishment of Sorcerer Mickey AND you will be so lucky to learn the many paper tricks, tips & techniques that Minnie has to offer. AND, if you've ever attended a "BECKY" class, just know that that is worth every penny in itself!!!!!

So CALL TODAY 225-744-2767,

Mouse Madness
TITLES: Life is a Fantasy & Celebrate
Saturday, August 22nd 10:00am-noon
Instructor: Becky Robichaux

Happy Scrappin'

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Refresh My Memory said...

Minnie and Tink had a wonderful time. The store is beautiful! I had to go back the next day to shop because I was so overwhelmed by such a dramatic change. I only wish I could be in town for the Disney class and I could use Sorcerer Mickey! Miss you all!