Friday, July 10, 2009

WOW!!!! Great Class, Great Fun, Great Teachers, AWESOME STUDENTS and yummy Cal's Brownies!!!! Oh, and FABULOUS STUDIO-just saying, he he

Check out THE VERY FIRST CLASS in the Masterpiece Studio!!!! Each student received a PRIZE for this memorable event!!!

And the winner of the $125 valued GLITZ BASKET . . .

is NOELLE LANDRY!!!!!! How fun is that!!! Huge shout out to Heather Carpenter for all of her hard work in helping us get a visit from the Glitz Girls and Erin & Laura for sharing their time, talents, & products with all of us at Memory Mania. Stay tuned, the students were BEGGING them to come back soon!!!!

The GLITZ girls were very interested in Louisiana since this was their first visit. Of course, my first thought for lunch was seafood, but Laura was allergic to shellfish, so Rachel picked up lunch from the Jambalaya Shoppe. They ate Jambalaya & white beans for the first time and raved about the seasoning (in fact they were still talking about lunch at dinner). After class, Erin & Laura were able to tour Houmas House & see THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI!! They ended the night at On the Half Shell for some Southern cuisine and were quite ready for some shut-eye-The Louisiana vs. Arizona time zones were catching up with them.

OHHHH, THE BIG SHIPMENT of brand new Glitz products didn't arrive as scheduled, so check back on the blog later today & i'll post as soon as it arrives!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

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HeatherC said...

OH, you are so sweet!!! And yes, the jambalaya was yummy. Glad the paper came in ;)!