Friday, March 23, 2007

$40 store credit - get you some!!!!!

Hey Girls,
In honor of upcoming National Scrapbook Day, we want to share this hobby with more of your friends. We have an awesome CRASH COURSE on SCRAPBOOKING that takes a person that has never picked up scissors to embossing like a pro. In 6 easy classes (3 nights) they will become a pro and ready to scrap & crop with you!!!! Starting today: forr every Customer that you get to sign up for crash course, you will receive a $40 store credit at Memory Mania. Whew hoo. Have you seen the cool new products, I bet you could spend that in a minute flat. There are more details on crash course on our website home page. So get that email & phone going, get more friends into scrapbooking. Oh, don't forget, to get your credit, they must give their receipt back to us & sign your name on it!!!!!! Very important, you don't want to miss out on that referral. CLass begins April 4th (Wednesday, 6-8pm),

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