Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tearful Goodbyes

OMG, I can't believe she's really leaving!!!!! I'll never forget the image of Natalie walking out of Memory Mania tonight . . . there were lots of tears. It was a super busy day, thank God, so that none of us could really stop to think that today was our last day to work together. Watching so many friends stop by to say good luck & so long. But tonight, knowing we were saying goodbye for 9 months had me pretty antsy. I still don't think its really hit me. Natalie has been so awesome to work with. Every morning when I walked in, she had a beautiful smile & a cheery "Hello Tameka". What a great way to start your day. I guess Christy will be waiting to greet me with the Sprinkler each morning (he he), that's pretty entertaining too!!! We do have some wonderful memories through the years: home training, margaritas at Ninfas before CCL, blue face, the Ratchet, Walk it Out, The Sprinkler (OMG). We had a really fun week even though we knew we were letting go a little each day. Thank you Natalie for 4 wonderful years. I've watched you grow into a very responsible, hard working, beautiful young lady. I wish you the best of luck-I had to get you a PINK suitcase WITH WHEELS (long story for later) for your trip home in January for CCL4LFE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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Darlene said...

Reading this brings tears to my eyes! It was always so nice to walk in & see Natalie's smiling face. My girls even looked forward to seeing Miss Natalie. I'll be praying for you, Natalie, to have a safe trip driving to California. May all your dreams come true!! I can't wait to see you at CCL in January!!