Sunday, March 25, 2007


This is Nat's last week at Memory Mania and of course we are very very sad to see her go. She has touched all of us in some way or another. Whether she taught you how to scrapbook in crash course, helped you OOPS for a rockin layout, took care of you on a Friday night or was just there being an awesome friend....I'm sure you all feel like I do. :(
I am going to miss you so much Nat. Thanks for being the best manager ever and an awesome friend to me. I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend every day working and cutting up with and I can't imagine Memory Mania without you. I hope all your dreams come true. Know that I will always be your scrappin buddy, even from miles away. And of course, will send lots of scrapbook inspiration and care packages of new stuff your way. And of course, I promise to keep you filled in on how everyone is doing and what's going on. And I am determined to figure out how to get you to talk into the mike via speakerphone at CCL. I love you girl and I miss you already!~ Jess
PS- I will have to make my handwriting into a font just for you!!! That way you can have me write your titles in CA too. hehe.


RhondaParadise said...

That last picture will be worth something when Nat hits the big time!


Alley Cat said...

Oh Jess, you made me cry! I know everyone will miss Natalie so much, but you will feel like I'd feel if Jill or Tammy moved away:( If you ever need scrappin' buddies to fill her chair, I'm sure many of us Memory Maniacs would be glad to oblige...but no one will be as entertaining as Nat!!! Hang in there, girl!!!