Friday, March 02, 2007

Camp Crop a Lot

WOW-I can hardly touch the ground (or maybe I should say pull myself up from the ground-we have been glued to the fax machine getting all of those registrations LOL), CCL registration has been SUPER EXCITING. In less than 1 week registration, there are 40 spots left. We've been getting about 20 per day, so its possible that it could be FULL this Sunday. I'm getting scared that some of the regulars might not get in, hurry up, we don't want to have CCL without you. And to those that have vacation at that time, we are going to miss you so much!!!! This is going to be the best CCL ever!!!!


Scrapper Jessica said...

Ok girls! There are 8 spots left for CCL. After 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Classes are filling so let us know if you would like to add your name to the registration.

Kay said...

Whoa. It must be sold out by now! Yay for CCL!