Friday, August 24, 2007

Time to Remember

Here in Louisiana, we are about to reach the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It took me almost a year to document the emotions of going through that time. Not only was a beloved city destroyed, but our state was then hit by Rita, and it seems that it will take years to recover. So I encourage you to take a moment this week and if you haven't already documented this event, try to do so now when the media will again focus its attention on our city and our state on August 29th.
To complete the layout above, I opted for a simple design so that my focus would be the photographs and the journaling. For the photographs I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to over saturate the images to exaggerate how surreal and emotional going back to the city for the first time was for me. I also used Ranger Alcohol Inks on my title to emphasize the idea of stained glass. Fortunately many MMU students will learn how to effectively use Photoshop Elements and and assortment of Ranger products in some of the upcoming classes we have at the store.
Finally, as you reflect on the last two years in a scrapbook layout, let the products and techniques you use on that page mirror the emotions that you want to convey in your photographs and journaling. I know for many of you, this layout will be difficult to do, but I am a firm believer in real life scrapbooking. Hurricane Katrina will always be a part of my life story, and I believe it is a story that should be passed on to future generations.


nelle said...

Jody, absolutely gorgeous. And the memory really hits home to many. While I haven't been to N.O. since the hurricanes, I have worked with many people and children who have lost it all and those faces are some that I will not soon forget. Thanks for this challenge.

Alley Cat said...


I get goosebumps when I read a GREAT piece of writing (it's the teacher in me!!), not to mention the goosebumps I get when I see a beautiful scrapbook page. Your layout hit me on both levels. Your words are so emotionally packed and eloquent and meaningful - I know your family will appreciate this layout for years to come. Kudos to you for being able to verbalize and scrapalize (is that a word? Let's just say I just now invented it!!) a time in our lives that should never be forgotten.

You're awesome,

ShannonLSU said...

Allison (scrapilize) love it.

Jody - gorgeous and so well said. I have not foudn the strngth to really scrap my sad pictures of NO. I will get there. I pull the out every now and then and think and then put them all back up. Thank you for drive to produce something.