Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cards for the Military

The Military makes them MILITARY Strong …………
One Army wife is working hard to try to be sure that every soldier gets a card. She wants them to be Christmas Card STRONG!

I hope you will consider helping out . . . Here are our cards we will be sending!!

Here is her request:

The holidays are often a difficult times for those the US Military whom are deployed, and often there will be times that some of our Men & Women receive nothing for the holidays. And NO ONE should ever be without at anytime, however, especially Christmas. The Goal for “True Operation Christmas Card for US Troops,” is to try to get a Greeting card for each service member serving during Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. So send us your Christmas Card, Hanukkah, Kwanza "Merry Chrismukkah!" Advent, Chanukah, St. Lucia Day, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Yule, Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, Kwanzaa, Mummering, Twelve Days of Christmas & Holy Innocents Day Cards, in other words we will send any type of Greeting Card you want us to send!

All FAITHS are welcome! Help us make the Holidays Merry & Bright for as many men and women in ACU’s as possible! Often times kind words from strangers are the very motivation that they need to stay focused in their mission of defending this country. We would like to ensure that by giving them a simple holiday card or any other token of appreciation you would like to include. Soldiers love getting mail, they love knowing that their country and its citizens support them through every mission while deployed. So here is our GOAL………………40,000 cards, would that not just be the greatest feeling in the world to be able to send our troops 40,000 cards? So we are like our own little Military here, we are on a mission, a mission to secure 40,000 Greeting Cards and send them to the soldiers to show our love, gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices they make for all of us!

We have 40,000 Soldiers, Airmen, Marines & Seamen to send cards to, so lets get BUSY!

Below you will find a list of simple instructions.

And once again, thank you all, from the heart of a soldier’s wife, it makes my heart so full of pride to know that people out there care and want to show their support for our soldiers!

Thanks Again,
Rochelle Fetterley “JUST AN ARMY WIFE”

So this is what you need to do:

1) Clean out those attics, basements & gift wrap containers, get those old Greeting Cards from years gone by. Make them by hand, recycle cards, we are not picky we just want your CARDS!
a. Sit down and sign the cards, place them in the envelope.
b. Include a way to contact you, so the soldiers can say THANKS!
c. If you want include a snapshot of you & your family.
d. Only address the outside of the envelope if the Chaplains need to get them to a soldier of a different Faith (i.e. Hanukkah, Kwanza, Merry Chrismukkah)

2) Your envelope NEEDS NO POSTAGE!

3) We welcome any and all gifts or donations for this great Cause, so if there is anything else you would like to include, please feel free to do so. Well most anything……Don’t want any snakes, bugs, critters, you get the idea….LOL

4) Collect as many Greeting Cards as you can from Churches, Nursing Homes, Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Girl Scout Troops, Boy Scout Troops, Sunday School Classes….ASK EVERYONE YOU KNOW! ASK ALL of YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS, have them ask all of their friends. If each person sends 2 cards, just think we may surpass our goal, the more cards the better! HOOAH!

5) Send them to Rochelle Fetterley in Duncan Oklahoma, and with the help of some wonderful women known WORLD WIDE as Blue Star Moms of America, we will get them boxed up and shipped to the Chaplains overseas so they can distribute to the soldiers of Operation Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom. Remember to collect until you have a full flat rate package, then send them onto Oklahoma.

6) Deadline is November 30, 2009, I must have them in Oklahoma by that date.

7) Address:
Rochelle Fetterley
2106 N Country Club Road
Duncan OK 73533

8) Email me with any questions:

Happy Scrappin'

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