Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Decor . . .

Another item to add to your Thanksgiving table decor ideas. What did you think of the candle last week? Check out these cute place cards using stamps & cardstock created by Mallory!!!!! Mallory created a little box from cardstock for the children's place card-how cute to include some little sweets or peanut or pretzels for the little ones. The complete table setting is displayed at the store.

Supplies for Place Card:

Wide ribbon

Orange/Gold Cardstock

Brown cardstock

Green cardstock

Leaf foam stamp

Brown ink

Queen & Co. Pearls

Glue dots


Start by cutting brown cardstock to 4”x6” and folding it in half. Cut the green cardstock to 2 ½ “ x 3 ½ “ and adhere to one side of brown cardstock. Next, cut ribbon to 4” and glue down in the center on top of the green cardstock (use glue dots to glue down the ribbon). Stamp one set if leaves onto cardstock. Cut it out with scissors making sure to cut between each leaf. Fold individual leaves up and under to make them appear more realistic. Glue down the leaves in the bottom left corner using a glue dot. Type up and print out the names of your guests, cut them down to size, and add pearls where needed on top of the names.

Happy Scrappin'

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