Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photography Challenge

OK, so its ALMOST Christmas time, the time we take hundreds of photos so try out a few new things now BEFORE the holidays.

Awesome instruction by Karen Russell

Photo homework of Tiffany Kendrick
Don't get discouraged, Tiffany took 65 shots & this is the ONE awesome pic she got-I LOVE IT!!!!

Set your ISO to as high as possible, 1600 or 3200
MOVE THAT DIAL away from auto & into Aperature Priority (AV on Canon)
Set the most narrow aperature your lens will allow (a high f-stop number)

You may want to practice on stuffed animals spaced apart before tormenting your human subjects LOL. If you're like me, i still plan to have a professional take pics of my kids-but for those everyday, around the house pics, i want to do better.

Email me your photos along with the details ISO, Fstop & time of day & setting (hallway or outdoors etc) & be entered for a free CROP drawing. (Note, you didn't have to be in class to try this or enter)

Happy Scrappin'


MsBdot said...

Great shot, Tiffany!! Wasn't this class great?!! I spent an hour at Cohn Arboretum last weekend, just taking photos and playing. But I saw a "professional" taking photos of a family -- using her flash!!! I thought -- why? But I didn't get the nerve to ask! My new motto: No more "auto"!!!

Darlene said...

Awesome picture, Tiffany!!!

Tiffany said...

Thanks y'all! Tammy I'm sorry I got busy and forgot to email you back...this was taken Sunday (mid morning) after our class!! It was overcast and I had the kids sit on the floor in my foyer (you can tell from the side lighting-the front of my house gets morning sun), no interior lights on. My ISO was 800 and my f-stop was 6.3 focal length 30mm. And I'm standing over them with them looking up at me. Catch lights in their eyes!!! And you are exactly right 65 shots and this was the best one!! I really need to practice taking pictures of them naturally instead of posing. But they have been born with a camera in their face that when they see me with it they just naturally pose and say "CHEESE" :)