Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

So have you switched gears yet to start thinking about Thanksgiving?? Stay tuned each week, Mallory has created some beautiful projects to inspire you. KUDOS Mal.

Decorative Candle:

Wide ribbon
Orange/Gold Cardstock
Leaf foam stamp
Brown ink
4 different sized buttons
Queen & Co. Pearls
Glue Dots (any other glue may fail to hold when ribbon is wrapped around the candle)

Start by stamping leaves onto cardstock. Cut leaves out with scissors making sure to cut between each leaf. Fold individual leaves up and under to make them appear more realistic. Glue each stem down in a cluster toward the bottom of the ribbon using glue dots (make sure to glue down toward the middle of your piece of ribbon). Place and glue buttons on top of stems in any arrangement you want (they can overlap, be on top of one another, etc.). Next, place pearls in the middle of the buttons covering up the button holes. Finally, glue down one side of the ribbon in back of the candle, wrap ribbon around, cut off excess, and glue down the other side of the ribbon (overlapping the already glued ribbon).

Happy Scrappin'

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Heather Banker said...

Great idea! Love it!