Monday, November 09, 2009

WOW-she really is all that . . .

Showing Karen Russell "The City" !!! She fell in love with New Orleans !!! AND we had such a great time walking around & getting to know her-course Christy has been blog stalking her for 3 years so she always answered the questions we asked Karen LOL.

AND the class, yep, she's all that. My brain was mush after hearing all of the wonderful things she taught us in class. I just love the "everyday, story pictures that she takes". Its kinda hard when your subjects are OLDER & hate the camera, but wow, i really need to try some of this stuff before i forgot. It was an awesome class!!!! I think i've graduated from "Power on & lens cap off, so i'm ready to move that dial from auto & try some AV picture taking . . . so where do i start, just kidding.

Thanks to everyone that came to class - you were an awesome group!!!

AND special thanks to everyone for "saving the earth" the Go Green Bag Sale was awesome. We still have some bags left for anyone that wants to save 10% each time they shop & use it. We can all do our part to make a better life for our grandchildren.

Happy Scrappin'


MsBdot said...

Karen's class was indeed awesome. So much information!!! But I have my notes, and will start using my camera more. After I took her online class, I turned away from Auto and, except for one frustrating moment of weakness, have not looked back. This one-day workshop just pulled together much of the information from the online class. I am amazed by some of the shots I can get without a flash! Thanks so much for bringing Karen to LA!

Christy at My Life Captured said...

OMG!!! I only thought I liked her....but i soooo love her! I have been blog stalking her for over 3 years and i will continue to do sooo. Her class was awesome but above that, she was an awesome teacher and so inspiring. I have learned sooo much just from this class and have looked at picture taking in a whole other way thanks to Karen. I can't wait to put all of that info to use.

Tiffany said...

Thank you Tammy!! Karen's class was incredible! My mind too was mush by the end, but it was so worth it! I started taking pics of my little subjects immediately the next day. I still have LOTS to learn and plan on picking up the book she recommended this week to build on my learning. But I must say some of the pics I have taken so far... incredible! And without a FLASH!!! I just can't get over that. Thank you again I thoroughly enjoyed it!!