Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Almost weekly I get an email asking what is the best way to store my cricut cartridges. WOW-that is the million dollar question. Here are a few that I have great potential:

This awesome little tote is designed to accommodate up to 72 Cricut cartridges, keypad overlays and booklets. Each cartridge is held securely in place in a padded pocket. These double-sided pockets are located on both the front and back sides of the bag. Inside the bag is a flexible storage area. A large interior pocket can safely hold a stack of 12"x12' paper. Two large outer pockets provide additional storage. And yes, we have this in stock.

This little container holds 80 cartridges, but does require a little work-the mesh is sold separately (at Memory Mania) and needs to be cut to store them. Very compact storage system & yes, we have the mesh & containers in stock.

Cricut brand cartridge storage holds 12 cartridges, keypads & books.

This 17x15x5 tub can store the cricut boxes so the cartridge, keypad & book can remain together. I think we were able to get 17-don't quote me on this one-it has been a while. This is currently being restocked.

I hope this helps you organize your cricut supplies!!

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