Friday, April 29, 2011

Wrapping up our week discussion on Photo Organization

Sorry, blogpost delayed as I was caught up reading about the royal wedding on yahoo. ha ha Did any of you get up at 4am to watch? So cool seeing all of the beautiful places we visited a few years ago in London.

To reiterate a few points from Stacy Julian's book,The Big Picture

* USE your photos to make connections,


*ENJOY NOW, LIVE NOW, JOT DOWN YOUR MEMORIES, and scrap in small increments on more regular basis;

* It’s scary, but chronological is NOT the only way to scrapbook;

*USE YOUR PHOTOS to tell a MORE compelling and meaningful story of the life of you & your family.

*Organize, Prioritize and Celebrate the happiest moments in your life.

I did find this helpful. If you have decades of photos to organize-this is some great advice:

* Rent a chick flick

* Bought some Cal's brownies

*Gather all photos in one place


* Photos in packets - label season/year i.e, Winter, 2007, Spring 2007, (put aside until later)

* Loose photos – 3 steps:

sort all by 1) decade in photo box, 2) then take one decade & sort by year; 3) then take & sort by season

NOW, decide which photos you wish to scrapbook & put 2-3 in one pocket of 3 up album, so that one page of 3 up album are photos to use on a double page layout. THIS makes it so easy to flip quickly through book to pull the ones you need. Also, since you have already edited photos for the layout-your layout comes together quickly.

NOTE: as you are reviewing photos-when you see a FAVORITE PHOTO-pull it for some of those connections pages we talked about. Most times you have more photos than you can fit on a layout- so here is where it was helpful to pull photos that didn't necessarily fit into the EVENT page & pull for personality or connection pages.

THEN it fills so good to be able to decide which album does it slide into: US, People we Love, Places, etc.

Hope this helps-so go rent your movie, pick up the brownies AND sort away AND PRINT!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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Happy Scrappin'

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