Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's your favorite adhesive?

This is mine-the Tombo Permanent Adhesive Dispenser. I like the small size of it--fits perfectly in my small hand as I go to town-I've always been partial to the dispensers. Only a small amount of film of glue is needed & the dispenser applies it quickly and cleanly. The applicator tip cleanly cuts adhesive and ensures a smooth application. The hinged cap protects tip of applicator when not in use and the refills are inexpensive. And, of course, its acid-free glue is ACMI Certified. There are many tombo or mono adhesive dispensers-but this particular one is my favorite. And I thought i would absolutely die when the herma dotto was discontinued-but WOW-this one is so much better than that one ever was. I've tried all of them and this is the one that gets my vote. A general note on all glue dispensers-the dispensers should be pitched after about 10 refills as glue gradually builds up in the wheels inside-save the frustration & purchase a new dispenser about every 10 refills. Hope this helps.

30% Thursday: All paper & stickers in the Fishing/Hunting Section

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