Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Organization, Next Step


1. Organize – Organize by decade; revisit & reorganize further into season, year , ie., Fall, 2007, Winter, 2007, etc. (get family to help sort into seasons). The photo box is best tool for this. Do this about 30 minutes per day while watching TV, watching the kids play, etc.

2. Organize Digital Photos TOO – Make digital files by season & year & drag your photos into those folders.

3. Prioritize – Which photos would I like to scrapbook?

4. Admit These are the photos I will make time to scrapbook; File these photos in storage album for easy access when inspired to scrap them.

5. Categorize – Choose pictures that don’t fall into events; Personality pictures.

6. Cold Storage – for all photos that I don’t intend to scrapbook, keep in the photo box with dividers season, year for easy access if needed for another purpose or called up to scrapbook later. If it’s not a good picture-throw it out if you can (this can be hard).

7. BACKUP – Backup your digital photos on external hard drive, DVD or CD’s by season, year. Store negatives away from your home. another good backup source is online; or

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! The goal is to scrapbook memories, not just events of our lives.

NOTE: FREE YOURSELF FROM “BEING CAUGHT UP”-it’s a dirty word that brings with it lots of stress & frustration and inhibits you from scrappin’. Scrap from your heart instead of from a calendar.

Wouldn’t you want quality over quantity layouts.

Sources: Big Picture Scrapbooking & Photo Freedom

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Happy Scrappin'

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