Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's talk about PHOTOS

So you KNOW I'm a huge Stacy Julian fan--her books are no longer in print, but here's a little excerpt:

The Big Picture

n USE your photos to make connections,


n ENJOY NOW, LIVE NOW, JOT DOWN YOUR MEMORIES, and scrap in small increments on more regular basis;

n It’s scary, but chronological is NOT the only way to scrapbook;

n USE YOUR PHOTOS to tell a MORE compelling and meaningful story of the life of you & your family.

n Organize, Prioritize and Celebrate the happiest moments in your life.

You know what makes scrappin' easy? ORGANIZED, PRINTED photos!!!! I know that many struggle with this, so we're going to start that project together next week-check back on the blog & I'll help you get started. Here's what you can do before then 1) UPLOAD and print pics 2) Get some of these awesome Pioneer Photo Albums for organizing (the picture above is where my photos live until they find their way into the scrapbook). Memory Mania has a good supply of these albums so stop in this weekend & check them out.

$5 Friday: Basic Grey Paper-8 for $5

Happy Easter to all of you!!!! Stealing this sweet sentiment from Valine: Hope you have lots of picture-taking moments!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

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