Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Fiesta Amigos designed by Jody Sorey

Thinking OUTSIDE the BOX can be tough for us at times...Do you ever look at products like this and think, "I can't use this; I don't have pictures from Mexico!" Check out the precious pictures Jody took of her girls a few years ago with the sombreros; she hadn't thought about scrapbooking them in years, but when she saw this paper, it motivated her to dig through her storage album to scrap them--pretty exciting since she hadn't looked at these photos in a while. We just love how Jody pushes the boundaries with themed products like this! We also love how she cut the large bracket and used it in two different places instead of thinking it has to be used as is. How can YOU push yourself outside of YOUR box this week? If you want to lift this layout, we have all the products handy for you, so just come by and ask!

ALSO, Cinco de Mayo is this week - take some pics of you and your friends eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas! These products would be PERFECT!!

2fer Tuesday: Paper in Teen Section - BOGO

Happy Scrappin'

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