Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Masters Kit Club is ready for pick up

WOW-you're going to love these fast & easy papers for May Masters Kit Club. Add in the quick & easy Bazzill pleats (cardstock already pleated for you). LOVE how Noelle inked her pleats & shaped them on her page (We Love Snowballs) and Stephanie used hers (FAMILY) on her title & focal photo. Who can't use Bella Blvd. awesome Family papers-love the photos that Jody chose for her layout (You can Always Lean on Me)-fun, crazy & loving family pics!!!! Comforts of Home by Signify is a new line for the Memory Mania-love the banner Heather created with flowers (Laughter). Thanks Noelle-now I'm craving a sno-ball ha ha.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday-I sure did!!! I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary--wow, it doesn't really feel like it could possibly be that long OR that I could possibly be that old to have a 25th anniversary ha ha. I was feeling a little bit silly (or stupid) and thought I'd slip on my wedding dress & parade into the living room about 7:30 last night. OK stop laughing!!!! It did make John's night & of course he was snapping pics with his iphone which of course, I threatened divorce if he showed one person ha ha. On a serious note, just putting the dress on I remembered how nervous, excited & hopeful we were at 7:30pm 25 years ago. Don't you sometimes wish you could have moved forward in time wrote yourself a letter (or just trusted God more). If so, I think my letter to my 22 year old self would have read: Don't be so nervous, but yes be excited & hopeful because the best is yet to be. See that cute guy standing next to you-you'll never believe it but when he gets a little gray-you will think he is 10 times more good looking than his 21 year old self. Your love grows deeper everytime he does something sweet around the house or takes time with our 2 beautiful sons. The way you think you love him right now is nothing compared to the love you will feel 25 years from now. Don't sweat it when things aren't perfect-where's the fun in that, trust GOD more, his plans for you are way better than what you think your dreams are. I am so excited & hopeful-I can hardly wait to see what's in store for the next 25 years!!!

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Happy Scrappin'

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