Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Need a Mother's Day Idea ?

YES, YES, YOU do deserve a break!!!
You know your hubby and kids will be scrambling around all week trying to decide what to get you for Mother's Day...Make it easy on them! Tell them all you want is a cropping weekend at CCL!!!
A mother's work is never, dinner, kids, and husband all competing for your NEVER seem to have an UNINTERRUPTED minute!! Well, at CCL, you'll have 2,220 UNINTERRUPTED MINUTES to visit with your friends, make new ones, and crop your little heart out!!

WHY make them guess? You'll end up with flowers that'll die or ANOTHER mug that says "World's Greatest Mom"!!! They'll LOVE you for giving them a hint... Tell them to come to Memory Mania and pay your way to CCL!!!! Then you'll ALL be happy Sunday!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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Happy Scrappin'

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