Friday, May 20, 2011

Interesting Tips from Cosmo Cricket re: Glubers

Here's what Cosmo Cricket says about their new Glubers: By now you know that Glubers is a word. The projects you can create are simply amazing. Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers.

We have this sneaking suspicion that as creative as you are, you will come up with some brilliant ideas. This was hilarious on Cosmo Cricket site so I had to share it:

#10- If your child has been really naughty, put them in the corner with a Gluber on their nose, and press them against the wall (caution- the timeout may become permanent)

#9- If you like talking on the phone, it could work as a hands free option

#8- It's more painful than waxing but more effective

#7-If you're a Klepto, just think you can pick up anything without leaving a finger print

#6- One pair can hold-up your strapless bra for many evenings of salsa dancing

#5- It can hold your coffee cup to your dashboard, But your going to need a really long straw

#4- Your husband will never lose the remote. It will be stuck to his hand permanently. Oh we forgot, it probably already is

#3- Convince your friends you can perform Circus balancing acts. For example, place a Gluber on the end of your chin, then place the handle of your Swiffer on your chin. You will be a huge hit with the kids in your neighborhood . To really impress, then adhere a Bowling ball to the other end of the Swiffer.

#2- If you accidentally cut your finger off with your paper trimmer, and it has been less than 5 minutes, simply re-adhere with a Gluber

#1- If it has been longer than 5 minutes, Don't worry, you can use a Gluber to keep your hospital gown closed.

Ok, as they say on TV, don't try any of this at home. Anyway, its all in words of Cosmo-just thought i'd share a chuckle with you this morning!!!

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Happy Scrappin'

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