Monday, November 27, 2006


Just realized this didn't post on Friday morning and it was so sweet LOL as I was all caught up in the moment very late on Thanksgiving night;

Things I'm thankful for :
  • the cutest husband & boys in the entire world (OK, its my opinion, but i'm sticking to it)
  • 2 of the best families in the world (yea, I know, but i'm sticking to this one too)
  • some of the best friends in the world that bring out the best in me(sorry, sticking to this one too)
  • all of the wonderful traditions-listening to music at the Bullions (for the last 27 years) is so much fun & you get lots of blackmail material too - LOL;
  • being on earth long enough to watch the kids grow up (go from running around the yard playing tag, to standing under the carport dancing to the tunes of the talented Bullion family)
  • so thankful that my parents are alive to hug on Thanksgiving day
  • so thankful that Natalie is working today and I can take the day after thanksgiving off-first time in 8 years: sorry Nat:(
  • so thankful for so many of you that have stuck by us as we grew from Tanger Mall room (500 square feet) to our Prairieville store that we are growing out of
  • SO VERY THANKFUL for the many employees & teachers of Memory Mania. They work their buns off on a regular basis, always smiling and loving that we're spreading the passion of scrapbooking & putting up with my crazy new ideas!
  • DVR-did anyone tape Gray's Anatomy? I can't believe I missed it tonight!!!

Happy Thanksgiving & HUGS to everyone!!!!!


Alley Cat said...

T - I certainly have Grey's taped! You bring the Snickers and Cokes, and I'll watch it again with you!!

natscraps said...

Things I am Thankful For :

*Having A Loving and Understanding Fiance'Who Proposed to me through a scrapbook

(I know some of yall are prob. tired of hearing that)

*Spending Time with friends and family..

*Having God in my life.

*Having A Great Boss . ( I didn't mind working Fri.. I felt refreshed after eating and sleeping ALL DAY Thurs.

*Having A Job where I Get to be surrounded by scrapbooking products

*Having Partners in Crime.. To Stay up ALL Night Scrapbooking..
(*Jessica and Tania)Love Yall

*Having A Awesome Team at MM..

*And Last but not least
"The Cricut" he he No scrapbook product had ever made me so happy.. :)