Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Good morning scrappers,
I had to share this with you because I'm so excited (sorry students from 6 pages in 60 minutes class , I've already bored you with this story)--i FINALLY got something that I've been waiting 10 years for . . . A scrapbook room. I just love it, it truly is a happy place, Allison was here for 20 minutes yesterday & dreaming of new layouts to be done. Now I just have to get in there to scrap, so far the only thing it has been used for is to prep for class LOL. Hopefully after we lay to rest the newsletter & MMU curriculum, oops-and that mound of paperwork on my desk, I will be making a b-line for that green room. For you lucky girls that have been having a scrapbooking room, PLEASE share some organizational tips with me so my room can be just perfect. I may just love being organized as much as the scrappin' LOL, but don't tell anyone. Ok , hit me with your best scrapbook room tips and this way everyone can read & learn from the comments.


Michelle Sanders said...

Woo Hoo! Now Tammy, how many years did it take to get your own scrap room?! Ok, I don't have a dedicated scrap room but I do have a craftroom/office/scraproom. I don't scrap in there much because it's too cluttered! HA HA! But I did get some little plastic baskets (a little smaller than a shoe box) to store things like chipboard letters, ribbons, flowers, inks, adhesives...I got a lot of baskets...what can I say?! I also have some little rolling cards with deep drawers for things like paints, extra ribbons, fabric, and large tools like my embossing gun. Well...I'm gonna post a link to some pics to you can see for yourself.

Kay said...

I am SO jealous!

ShannonLSU said...

I think a great scrap table is worth it:

Or great shelves:

Saying all of that - I am green with envy. of course, I now have only 6 more years to wait for mine ;-p

Michelle Sanders said...

Oh those shelves! Be still my heart! I need those. Don't I need those? I think I do!

ShannonLSU said...


I know I need them! I am trying to make up a good enough reason to drive to Houston so I can buy them!