Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Holiday Workshop

If you were one of the lucky ones in the summer Freestyle workshop & you begged for more . . . this is for you. Do you dread wrapping all those Christmas gifts this year? You know the presentation is half the gift-Right? Well get in the Christmas spirit - In this 3 hour workshop you will complete Christmas tags, funky gift boxes and bags and more. We will also show you how to use masking, painting and distressing in your holiday gift wrapping! This workshop promises to spark your creativity and get you in the mood for gift wrapping this holiday season! Get ready for creativity, fun, snacks and PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES!
Instructor: Michelle Sanders


natscraps said...

The projects for this holiday workshop are so cute. I love Michell's Idea of putting a paper bag in the card. It is great for gift cards or money and it adds a fun twist on the everyday card. I love it!

RhondaParadise said...

I hope I'm not working on that day (I'll have to check my schedule), because I definitely want to take this class. My in-law always has the most creatively wrapped gifts during Christmas (and knows it). I would love to give the gift of "humility" this year :) Oh, and I would like my gifts to look nice, too.


Anonymous said...

You can also use the little purse to hold holiday receipts. Or fill it with lip gloss, nail polish, breathe mints, a small brush and/or mirror and give as a gift.