Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Layout Blueprints - waiting on more . . .

Well, we SOLD OUT of our first 2 shipment of this wonderful idea book, and we are waiting on 3rd shipment!! Here's a book review from Memory Mania instructor Danielle Gaudet to let you know just how awesome it is:
Danielle: This new book is just amazing!!! For under $18.00, you get a 108 page SPIRAL BOUND book with double page sketches and layout ideas for each. This book is organized by number of photos - blueprints for layouts with 3-4 photos...up to blueprints for layouts with 10 or more photos! Plus there are sketches for 12x12 and 8 1/2 x 11. I was only able to do a quick flip through, but this book is awesome. If you love sketches, then this book is for you!The book includes 55 new "blueprints" (Becky Higgins fans might call the "sketches"), and 124 different scrapbookers have created layouts based on the blueprints, for a total of OVER 200 total layout ideas!!!This book is so popular, they are creating book 2 as we speak and our very own, Michelle Sanders, will be featured in book 2-stay tuned.

Ally said: This book is just as good as everyone said it was! It's turning out to be my NEW "Sketches" book!!

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