Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CRICUT -the coolest-chirp chip machine EVER

OMG-I love this new machine. It is incredible what you can do with 1 cartridge. I'm so glad to have it. I can't wait to learn everything that Natalie knows about it-since she is always playing with my machine, she knows more than I do about it. But watch out girl, I'm taking it for the weekend of scrappin' , I'll try to learn a few things to teach her. My newest discovery is dial 2" circle for the perfect mat of circle whale of a punch; I recreated Jody's photography layout printing titles on cardstock, punched with WOP circle, then watched the cricut cut 8 perfect mat circles for me-soooo cool.

Danielle said:This machine is so wonderful that it turned a serious QK gal like me into a convert. Like a professional KitchenAid mixer, you turn on this baby, set it, and walk away to do something else. It does all the hard work of cutting for you. It cuts from 1 inch all the way to 5 1/2. Whether it be alphabets, numbers, or the numerous shapes and extra options that this machine offers. No more buying unused letters or running out of e's with this. There is bound to be something for everyone. And if I could recommend one that I think is a must have for the gift giving season, it would be the Bags, Tags, and Boxes cartridge. There are so many options for giving treats and gift cards and such with this product. If you like making treat bags or unique gift holders for friends and family, this cartridge is a must for you.

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Scrapper Jessica said...

I have to tell ya girls, if you've been on the kit wall lately you can see that I too am OBSESSED with the Cricut. I used it on the newest Halloween kit, "The Boo Crew". It was so easy to use, and takes five minutes to figure out. Natalie and I am scared to demo it to ya'll because every time we do....we want it more!!!!!! Definetly on my wish list. :) Ya'll let me know if there are any tips and tricks you girls have discovered. Off to study!